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QRAX Protocol Improve Q3 2022

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2022 6:59 am
by admin

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Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 8800 QRAX
Total Amount: 8800 QRAX
Address:  QN5eigJbCvJfexg6z3eRgymeqwDL7HMjqn
Created: 16 september 2022
Status: Active
Vote hash: 596fffec3183b3cdf3eab947cecd22794e8327ae4d5440066fe060a94d85eeab 
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mnbudgetvote many 596fffec3183b3cdf3eab947cecd22794e8327ae4d5440066fe060a94d85eeab yes
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mnbudgetvote many 596fffec3183b3cdf3eab947cecd22794e8327ae4d5440066fe060a94d85eeab no

Ensuring the confidentiality of transactions and anonymity in the QRAX network occurs, among other things, by creating additional addresses, which leads to an increase in the load on the system. Currently, the commission that the blockchain chooses when combining addresses by the owner of the wallet, being a necessary security factor, protects the network from spam attacks and determines the sequence of transactions with cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, in order to implement the planned stages of the roadmap, the emerging tasks to improve the architecture of the system, it is necessary to establish permanent funding for the work of engineers and programmers.

We offer the commission that arises when addresses are combined by wallet owners to be accumulated on individual wallets. These material resources are intended and will be directed (as one of the sources) to the formation of a monetary and advertising development fund.
This fund was created and managed by a team of QRAX supporters who understand the priority of priorities and are ready to invest significant financial resources in the development of the coin. A large amount of work is expected and a group of software engineers is ready to start solving them, waiting for your approval of the proposed initiative.

How it work

Address aggregation works as follows.
The function is activated in the wallet. After restarting the wallet, a background process is launched that collects old addresses with the number of coins not more than specified in the settings.
Addresses are merged from oldest to earliest, a transaction is sent to the blockchain, and confirmation is awaited. After 6 blocks, the cycle repeats, collects the available wallets and merges.