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QRAX (QRAX) cryptocurrency is open source | POS 3.0/DPOS | Wallet (Node) and MasterNode (MN) | staking and assets on nodes | Quantum attack protection | DAO government |
QRAX - Quantum Resistance Anonymous eXchange transactions
it is a network of confidential payments and storage of cryptocurrency assets. Decentralized, peer-to-peer, quantum secure, anonymous, open source, focused on the development of the crypto community.

QRAX is a multi-faceted community-driven activity in blockchain technologys and cryptocurrency systems.

The developers consider their main goal to be the creation of a products focused on the crypto community. It is very important that users can quickly and anonymously carry out transactions the new digital currency, and the management system is transparent and non-discriminatory.
In accordance with the PoS 3.0 protocol, the system uses a fixed block reward and an innovative mining(multimining) accrual, depending on the balance of coins in the wallet and the balance of the community created by the user to popularize the coin. Masternodes are tasked with solving the problem of funding developments to improve the ecosystem and further work on the decentralization of governance. PoS algorithms are at improving the security of the network nodes (wallets) and masternodes (software MN + wallet), as well as to establish fairness in the distribution of rewards for the formed block.
The transaction fee is 1% (no less than 0.1 and no more than 100 coins) and on each transaction is burned to ensure a balance between inflation / deflation. The superblock is every 44,000 blocks, which is approximately a calendar month.
To make the ratio between PoS nodes and masternodes the most optimal, developed and implemented a dynamic distribution system of the "swing-seesaw" type. The parameters of balances, the storage time of the balance on the wallet, the activity of the wallet by transactions take into account the blockchain when distributing the probability of winning the right to form a block. These parameters compete with each other, creating a fair probability of obtaining the right to “create a clearly blank slate for recording all transactions of the current block” and receive a reward for this action.
DAO (Decentralized Society) sets a voting precedent for the governance and development of the network. As soon as any participant submits a proposal and executes it, the masternodes vote to fund the proposed development.

Development of security and anonymity methods, development of support for DAPP and smart contracts with a graphical interface, including a set of typical business and industry models.

- PoS 3.0
- Block time: ~60s
- Block reward: 1 coin wallet, 5 coin MasterNode
- Max block size: 2 mB
- Difficulty adjustment: changes every block
- Coin supply: no limit if MN-voted
Crypto features:
- Key algorithm:
- Network crypto:
- Transport Layer Security (TLS) CECPQ1 is a post-quantum cipher + i2p
- Premine POW - 10 million coins for backbone masternodes the remainder of the coins will be burned at block N of the POS period.
- POW period 44000 blocks
- PoW Algorithm:
- ICO - NO
- Quantum attack protection

- SOCIAL MEDIA ... 7CkNuyz7-A





Win console, Mac console
QT wallet
Gui wallet(include IOS ANDRIOD)
Block Explorer
Voting Explorer
Web Wallet
DEX Exchange
Development DAPPS and Smart-contracts



Coming soon
follow the news of the development of the QRAX

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